Site Policies

Sexual content

This is a site run by adults, for adults.  While not the primary focus of the blog, there is likely to be content relating to sexual health and pleasure.  

While we are  passionate about youth education, this particular blog is not intended for audiences younger than 18.  If you are under 18 and interested in these topics, that's great! But, this is not the best place for you.  Please check out Scarleteen, which can offer you straight-forward, honest answers about every aspect of sexuality.  In fact, I highly recommend Scarleteen for human beings of all ages.

Community interaction

The Polycule has a zero tolerance policy regarding: 

  • racism
  • transphobia
  • homophobia
  • bigotry of any kind

We reserve the right to determine for ourselves if a statement falls into any of these categories. Hateful language will get you banned immediately, and we will delete any comments that we feel violates the these policies.