Name: Killian Marin Veliero
Pronouns: they/them; he/him; she/her in moderation

Chaotic good Slytherin ocean queer. Hobbies include singing, crochet, sewing, reading queer YA, reblogging pictures of mermaids, and thinking about how in love Harry and Draco are. Poly, kinky, genderfluid.

I have been polyamorous for about 8 years and have been reasonably good at it for maybe a year and a half. I hope to use this blog as an opportunity to help other people learn from my mistakes and successes while also improving myself. I currently date Erica, Alexis, and my long-distance stressed-out-grad-student partner Vee. I have a beautiful chosen family scattered across the country (all of whom I miss every day) and live in an intentional household in Somerville, MA with five other queers.